Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ma Soeur, Mon Amie pour la vie (French) - My Sister, My Friend for life (English)

6th May 2008. This poem is an inspiration from and an ode to the World’s Most Wonderful sister, in the true sense, my sister Sudha. Wonder how I would have walked through life  without her.  Read on..

ü My beautiful sister, our  journey in life began one fine day,
When I cried my way into this world in 1979 on an April day.
Thats when you rejoiced as you commenced holding me in your arms,
Each time I endured pain or was subjected to any kind of harm.

ü Surely and gradually you grew into my cushion of joy and cheers,
I loved chatting and spending the wee hours of the morning, laughing to tears.
Marking the beginning of a great friendship as I would drive,
Through life’s long road, its twists and turns, managing to survive.

ü You have always been my inspiration to rise higher,
Reaching for goals that seemed mightier.
You set benchmarks that had no upper limits,
Helping me realize that life’s milestones always had re-definable limits.

ü The fighter and winner in you, assists me in seeing the light in every situation,
Add new perspectives encountering a myriad of emotions.
I see the light of the Almighty showering brightly on you,
As not all human-beings think sharply and feel deeply as much as you.

ü To describe what you mean to me, my vocabulary would surely have to be huge,
And without you I would affirmatively be in many an unpleasant deluge.
It amazes and inspires me to know how much you have given to dear ones and life from the very start,
That can only further summarise how beautiful you are at heart!

ü What amazes me , is your ever-flowing energy that you shower consistently through life,
Never once complaining about the pain you would undergo in your strife.
As you make every effort to make that little difference in many lives,
Brightening little moments and touching numerous lives.

ü You have always proved , consistently, to be victorious in every role you play,
As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, supervisor, you are a winner – and are here to stay.
You never stop trying to do better, to help others grow greatly,
Lighting lamps in peoples’ lives, working with them closely.

ü I could go on for an eternity to thank you for all those lovely moments,
That you have made special for our family, even amidst your whirlwind moments.
My earnest prayer to the Almighty would be to grace you further,
As you spread His radiance around the world now and forever.

ü As I reach the last stanza of this poem that I dedicate to you,
I wish to thank God for His wonderful gift to me – of a sister like you.
Its definitely to the credit of our parents that they gifted the world with a torch – bearer-
A wonderful human-being, a hope that the world will continue to be beautiful with people such as you, now and forever!

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