Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Loneliness - finding the "Hero" within

Hi all,

Posting this poem that I had written several years back. I found it today and posted it.
Read on...

ð My head isn’t working and you, Loneliness,  are the cause
For a reason so very vague that I stand and pause
To question the credibility of my plight so sour
Soaring up ambiguity’s ladder by every ticking hour.

ð Once it was you who helped me discover
The “HERO” in myself and uncover,
All my strengths buried in the depth of my person
Encouraging me to emerge as a lovely person.

ð At that time, you were my inspiration
Strengthening my hopes and boosting my aspirations
But I hardly realized when you the Great Mistress
Of darkness showered your inevitable shadow of distress.

ð Many a time, it is precarious to climb to the cliff-top
It is only the brave souls who make it to the top.
Nothing should shatter the spirit within
And crying over one’s fate would amount to a sin.

ð So take the sailor's advice,
Whose yacht was once sailing strong and nice.
Suddenly a storm beat him black and blue
But he would not let go of his yacht so true.

ð Neither black clouds, lightening, thunder nor rain,
Could shatter this man's spirit, his body all in pain.
Finally God's merciful grace, cleared the skies, so dark,
Enabling him reach his destination and leave his mark
Of determination, courage, perseverance and bravery,
Thus leaving a golden trail so unremarkably.

ð So keep trying till you achieve your goal,
Keep having faith in your beliefs and your soul.
For deep inside sleeping, lies a "HERO" in you,
Waiting to be awoken when you realise the "HERO" is you!! 

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