Saturday, June 28, 2008

Music - an eternal love, a deep passion

Here is another poem that I wrote and wish to share - that is close to my heart. It has definitely been inspired by my passion for Music and it's soothing nature of providing companionship to the music-lover. Read on...

ð Music is the rhythm of nature,
Which delivers it’s best to you the more you nurture
It’s twist, smooth turns and pleasurable curls,
Letting you forget all your problems and whirls.

ð Music gives you an eternal levity
The description of which in brevity
Is sweet honey to your ears
Bringing into your eyes joyous tears.

ð Music is a mother to the music-lover
Quenching his/her thirst for music moreover
Spreading across merriness and bliss to one and all
Healing the sick while sharing joy with all.

ð Music heals you like a magic potion
Bringing out your best emotions
Ultimately soothing your senses,
Thus leaving no sign of any issue tense.

ð Music is God’s holy gift to the human race
Enabling us to survive this hasty earthly pace
Music is an inseparable friend of the music lover
Who rests under realms of peaceful bliss cover.

Friends - My idea of them

Here is a poem that I wish to post - dedicated to my Friends for Life....

ð Friends are precious
Friends are mischievous
Friends are invaluable
Yet not saleable.

ð Friends are full of mirth and fun
Friends bring out in you the sun
Friends are talkative and generally share
Mutual joys and sorrows and dare to care.

ð Friends are trustworthy
They can get unruly though enable you to live merrily
They can judge your heart and mind
During ups and downs, when you wish to unwind.

ð With friends you can travel through unthread paths and places
Discovering more of your friends’ welcoming phases
True friends do not prove to be costly
And they are worried about your joys mostly.

ð Friends put you at ease
In a situation of great unease
Friends bring out the best in ourselves
As they see in us a reflection of themselves.

ð Friends are gifts of God
Who aid us to face the evens and odds
And only really loving human – beings
Deserve and receive this rare gift of a healthy living – being.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Greatest Creator

Music is in the air and Poetry flows freely from my heart as I connect with the Divine to understand the beautiful universe that He has created! Not a day passes by, without pondering about the mindboggling greatness of this highly innovative Creator of the Universe!

In this first blog of mine, I only wish to thank the force behind convergence of all universal energies, for all that has fallen into my kitty, as I drive through my life's journey.