Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look Up my friend!

Hi all,

This is a little poem giving direction to reader to look up and see one's world above problems that sometimes cloud our eyes, restricting our view to see a whole world of opportunities beyond. This poem encourages the reader to dream despite a tough situation at hand. Read on....

Ø When you have a problem at hand,
Pull up yourself, Look up and stand,
For there is a definite way out there,
Waiting for you to get there.

Ø When days are dull and one sees no signs of prosperity,
When friends’ desert and allies enjoy your deficiency,
When the moon stops smiling and hides behind a farce,
It's time to look up and watch for hopeful stars, though scarce.

Ø It's difficult to dream with a sullen heart and mind,
So one better be strong, refresh yourself and unwind.
To accept life as it opens another page under another chapter,
Waiting for the individual to live lightly in empathy and laughter.

Ø Life has always brought deserving rewards only for those,
Who give their best to the world and chose,
To live in harmony despite the winds of change,
Blowing hard at them, ensuring that they were stable during various phases of change.

Ø Finally, it is up to us to learn that there are two options,
To look up and hope for the better or to drop down dead weighed by fleeting emotions -
For it is for us to realize, my friend, that the hero within us arises,
Only when we figure a way out to look up and enjoy our lives awaiting each day's sunrise.