Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roses for you, My Loved one!

Hi all,

Another poem of the past... brought alive in my blog...This one brings fond memories to my mind. :)

>> At the dawn of a new hope-filled year,
I rose to the sound of the door bell ringing, my Dear,
Sleepily I paced my steps ahead towards the milk-man
Astonished as I was to find a bouquet delivery man.

>> Holding a whole bunch of blood red-color roses,
With a touching note to my heart, from my Love, so close,
That gratified my soul with warmth and love,
Reminding me of the good old hope-giving messenger dove.

>> As I inhaled the fragrance of everlasting tenderness,
There emerged within my being a feeling of longing togetherness.
A rush of adrenalin raced up in me, to bond with my Love,
Who, like the distant sun, was sheltering me with his warmth, all over.

>> As I danced around my mother to express my new-found joy,
I imagined sharing moments with him, being happy and coy,
Knowing that these moments would mark the beginning,
Of a life that was profound with a love, a purpose and a meaning.

>> At the onset of our new year of our marriage , My Love,
I gift you my heart, that has turned into a carriage of love.
Employing it, you and me can travel through time,
Singing the glory of our cherished relationship in a rhyme.

>> Glancing through the window of this carriage, I see
The brilliant sun rising high, greeting you and me.
Two lovers lost in sharing treasured moments walking on cloud nine,
Leaving immortal footprints on the endless sands of time.

My Love

Hi all,

This was another poem that I wrote some years back.. during academic life.

ð My Love, how I long to have you with me!
Just when no one seems interested in me
I have forgotten what one means by “Chatting to eternity”,
Dazed, I watch others with a face of sheer ambiguity.

ð I ask not for your strength or power
For I realize in that context I am a blossoming flower
I just feel the need to talk to you
And release the burden of silence through you.

ð My dear ones’ suddenly seem forlorn
And I throng to see your face in the morn’
I want you to help me forget bitter memories
Enabling me, to share with the world, again, funny stories.

ð I know it will be a while before I meet you
But I wish to share this little poem with you
Which will assist me in keeping up the smile
To spread happiness and brighten the universe for a while.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Freedom to Fly

Hi there,

Each of us yearn to grow bigger as we traverse through the journey of life. This poem is an
expression of that feeling... Read on...

Ø One night as I gazed out of the window,
I saw that a slight breeze was blowing across mellow.
While the moon played a hide and seek with the clouds,
I yearned to discover the tremendous potential in me, shout loud.

Ø Through all the seasons of the year, I dreamt of growing bigger.
But each time I tried, I was pulled down by the attack of a dagger,
Which in various forms during different phases of each day,
Created a sense of sorrow and hopelessness, resulting in my loss of pathway.

Ø While my mind pondered further, I realized,
That I was living a dream state that has been unrealized,
That a time would come when I would fly,
And chirp sweeter tunes, filling the universe with inspiration, with every try.

Ø The right opportunities will surely knock doors at the right time,
For a highly spirited individual, who has the patience to wait for God’s chime.
The one who will wait till eternity to realize dreams,
To ensure that a message of brilliance is spread through a powerful stream.

Ø So while I look within, I have one message to give you my friend,
That much of life’s drama is yet to unfold and mend.
Live each moment with zest and zeal,
For the power of the freedom to fly, is about to explode within, for you to heal.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fire within

Hi all,

This is a new poem that I have written that is inspired by the power of the Fire within each of us to achieve new milestones at each instance, on the road of life. Read on....

  • While moments in our life fly across the sands of time,

And one senses an immense longing for loved ones’ melodious rhymes,

There is that reason that one feels inspired to go on,

The fire within that steers one towards a state of boundless energy, full-on.

  • The light from this energy helps one see new horizons of hope,

While one is still hiking the way up across the steep slope.

There are times when one is de-motivated and possesses a sense of loss,

As one faces turbulent winds that sway him, rock and toss.

  • The undaunted spirit within, inspired by the brilliance of the light,

Refuses to give way for defeat and pursues with all its might,

The belief in its wildest and most passionate dreams,

That re-kindles the fire within, to transcend the self to reality from a state of dream.

  • It is then that the old lady of faith takes her seat firmly,

In the heart of the willful dreamer, steadily,

As she steers the heart to move towards radiance and abundance,

That fills one’s life with beauty, after a journey of great strife in existence.

  • So hold on, young minds, to your dreams and ignite

The fire within so that tomorrow after a decade you may recite,

To future generations - the painful yet insightful journey to your success –

Which is the story of keeping the fire within, burning in the required excess.