Monday, November 17, 2008


Hi all,
This poem may seem a little on the 'heavy' in terms of the weight of it's meaning... guess it's poem about the 'Wise' and hence it's heavy, eh ;). Read on...

Ø Wisdom is one of life's most crucial success elements,
That helps in communicating the right sentiments,
Creating an environment of sheer pleasure,
As we graduate through different phases of life at leisure.

Ø Wisdom is symbolized by the radiance of high intellect subtly.
A wise person would epitomize an indescribable level of humility.
As the wise know that it is a ‘special gift’ to be a common man,
Enjoying life’s little pleasures as much as they can.

Ø Wisdom lies within a mature mind,
That understands the complexities of the daily grind.
Yet there is absolute clarity and the Wise can see beyond the obvious,
And delve into realities of the Universe buried even in one’s subconscious (mind).

Ø Wisdom in a person depicts the purity of mind and heart–
A mind that is clear of fallacies and speaking the language of the heart.
Wise people have a great sense of virtues,
As they are constantly directed by righteous principles to be true.

Ø Wisdom cannot be bought through wealth or power,
Though it can be earned from people who display and shower:
Bliss and knowledge on people across different frontiers,
Rising above all differences of race, color, creed barred by no barriers.

Ø Wisdom arises from human nature which is free from sin,
Having overcome greed, jealousy, lust and anger that could cause a din.
Wise people empathize deeply from within,
Keeping their patience high through times that are thick and thin.

Ø Wisdom is a gift to the spiritually uplifted beings,
That helps them tide through the ocean of mortal living beings.
Wisdom helps maintain a balanced state of mind,
Greatly inspiring the ‘Buddha’ within to unwind.

Ø Wisdom, is thus, a precious gift of an enlightened soul.
Who seeks solace in the Higher Self / soul.
My friends – the companionship of wise people is the secret to a great life,
So partner with the Wise and virtuous and find a route to leading an enlightened life!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Beauties of Mother Nature

Hi all,
This poem is a dedication to Nature as different aspects of Nature inspire me each day to move ahead. I believe we should respect and love Mother Nature for all that She offers us. Read on....

Ø As I opened my eyes one morning,
I was caressed by a brush of fresh breeze storming,
Through my entire being, stimulating my senses to ponder,
About God’s Universal creations that are a sheer wonder.

Ø Nature’s beauties are abounding and awe-inspiring,
Amidst the snow-capped mountains and peaceful lakes offering,
An unimaginable diverse set of picturesque leisure zones,
Where one can surrender to Nature’s treasured thrones.

Ø Nature’s beauties extend to the joyful cry of a new-born,
That ring bells in our ears and hearts of a new dawn,
Of a newfound path, a rising future that is waiting to be molded,
By this little one - each day in it’s life, as it is unfolded.

Ø As the winds set their footprints on the sands of time,
And the clock ticks away it’s routinely chime,
Nature’s beauties are crying out loud about man-made perils,
Caused due to Man’s steadily destructive nature exhibited by his devil.

Ø It is our responsibility to preserve Mother Nature’s beauties,
While continuing to explore new emerging marvel territories,
To treasure the gifts of Nature for our future generations,
Endeavoring, thus, to commit ourselves to creating exotic world destinations.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Mystery of the Journey of Life.....

Hi all,
The journey of our lives is inspiring...each path is unique following a specific course. I write this poem inspired by the complex yet mysterious journey of life! Read on.....

Ø One often experiences moments of wonderment and awe,
While trying to decipher the mysterious journey of life and thaw,
On linkages to an unknown related past,
That may have an impact on the present, passing so fast.

Ø Sometimes one experiences deep sorrow,
That’s when life’s path seems pretty narrow.
During other phases one experiences sheer ecstasy,
That are beyond one’s wildest fantasy.

Ø There is a deep thirst to know the true purpose of our existence,
While traveling through an ensuing mindless persistence.
Deep inside one yearns to know how to create that unforgettable mark,
Exhibited by people of great vigor, intellect, fuelled by an inner spark.

Ø The enlightened soul realizes that each day is an opportunity,
To spread radiance around people in entirety.
As the life within us is only an extension,
Of the Universal light in all its manifestation.

Ø There must be a clear Line of Sight to accomplishing the objectives,
Growing and evolving each day with newer perspectives.
As the ultimate mission of this life is to learn and know,
And realize the true potential of the person within, as we grow.

Ø Thus the Mystery of the Journey of life can be unraveled,
For our minds to simply comprehend and marvel,
At the beauty of complexity co-existing peacefully amidst simplicity,
While we thread our steps candidly, creating history.

Just One Chance!

Hi all,

I had written this poem way back in 2004-05 and wish to share it with you all. I believe that we are given Just One Chance to make a difference in the lives of people of this world. So let's make the best of this opportunity. Read on...

ð It never dawned on me that I had grown up
To face the challenges that life threw up
Suddenly I was in the midst of a pandemonium
Carrying a soul fermenting sheer oblivion.

ð Sometimes in life it is astonishing
To witness opportunities diminishing
For making the best of our life in all probability
Due to the absence of our vivacity and humility.

ð Few people choose to “Live” life wisely
While enlightening others’ hearts lovingly
What with their “Never Say Die” soaring spirit,
And all the smiles in the universe to their credit.

ð Life leaves it to you to make the choice
Whether you wish to smile or create a noise
Remember, we get just one chance,
To brighten the lives of worldly souls in life’s trance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Power of Self-Will

Hi all,

This poem maybe inspiring for those who believe in the Power of the Human Spirit and the Power of an individual's Self-Will that is critical for achieving one's dreams. Read on....

Ø Its difficult to understand why sometimes,
As much as we try avoiding, we face rough times,
Causing heartbreak for ourselves and others,
Massacring the very purpose of GIVING - to our loved ones, fellow sisters and brothers.

Ø That is the time to look within and learn,
By searching for answers that one yearns.
It’s then that one needs to have patience to climb the wall,
To be able to turn one’s dreams into reality that currently stand so far and tall.

Ø It’s never too late to start off on your mission,
To make that significant difference in this world station.
To shower a little bit of light around you,
Making it worthwhile for people to be with you.

Ø It is the magnanimous Power of Self-Will,
That helps each individual fulfill,
One’s dreams and aspirations and reach for the stars,
Aiming for them, not losing sight from the Earth, so far.

Ø Individuals who sail life’s journey on a strong ‘Self-Will’ ship,
Will see the hope to create a destiny and overcome the hardships.
Even when people can envision nothing beyond,
They will surely witness the sunrise at the horizon and see beyond.

Ø Those who do not have this great gift,
Should look within themselves and make that shift.
To finally take control of one’s life and experience -
Each day of life, living in a soul-satisfying ambience.

Ø The Power of Self-Will should not be under-estimated,
For it can change many lives that have been under-rated.
The doors to the ‘Universe of Abundance’ shall open eventually,
For those who believe in the Power of Self-Will virtually.

Ø So my dear friend, believe in yourself and the Power of your Self-Will,
As this belief will fuel energy, into your body and soul, that are currently still.
You can then achieve all that it takes to live a life of abundance,
Realizing the ultimate purpose of this birth at life’s each instance.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Dear all,
I had written this poem very long back in 1997-98 and wish to share it will you all.
This poem talks about the unimaginable strength of a strong belief alias 'Faith' in the ability to make things happen. Read on.....

ð Faith is a guiding stick
Seeing you through thin and thick.
Faith is a strong belief,
Which sets in you a sigh of relief.

ð Faith is ever-lasting and strong,
Whose healing effect you seem to throng.
Faith is abounding and unending,
Leaving no restless hearts pending.

ð Strong faith never lets you down,
Drowning all ghostly hurdles in your soul-town,
Proving them all to be hollow,
That finally they seem to fade and get mellow

ð Faith is deeper than the depth of great oceans,
Faith is omnipotent in unleashing your best emotions.
Faith is larger than the magnanimity of our galaxy,
Faith lies at the bottom of your heart in sheer ecstasy.

ð Faith tests your innermost wits,
And during those trying times you seem to knit -
Doubts and wild thoughts of desperation,
Rupturing all your dreams and aspirations.

ð Life’s picture, at once, appears distorted,
While the joy within you is evacuated.
That’s the time you should pick up your cheerful hat,
And throw your exasperated mind under a doormat.

ð Only then will you see the awesome dawn of tomorrow,
Or gush at viewing the fleeting maiden of Sorrow,
Paving the way for the victorious Lady Glory,
Singing to the flowers her wonderful story.

ð Of fame, fortune, thirst and hunger,
Of sunshine, mist, rain and thunder.
The reason why the Lady survived -
Was your undoubting faith in her on which she thrived.

The Language of the Heart..

Hi all,
here is a poem that is straight out of my heart to tell the tale of the 'Language of the human spirit' and to tell the tale of those who live their lives speaking the language of their hearts....

>> The language of our Hearts,
Speaks the language of truth from the start.
As communication flows from within,
Creating a world of sincerity, free of sin.

>>A world of Honesty and Genuineness is in motion,
Resulting in a simplistic understanding of emotions.
Our heart has knowledge of our deepest desires,
That throw open numerous options to be hired.

>> He who listens to his mind and not his heart,
Wanders through a maze of senseless marts,
Shopping from one option to another,
Failing time and again, progressing no further.

>> The sagacious and sapient mind of a great soul,
Will be astute in eradicating any thought foul.
That deviates the soul in disengaging activities,
That are not directed towards it's satisfying festivity.

>> Lessons learnt time immemorial are insufficient,
To guide the experimentative mind that is deficient,
Till that day when the mind and heart unite,
The union within the soul, undoubtedly, emerging as a story to cite.

>> The consummation of the mind and heart,
Must be fueled by tremendous passion to accomplish, at heart.
Tireless efforts as that of an ever-erupting volcano,
Would add a sense of determination to this union meaningfully so.

>> Thus with the merging of the heart and the mind absolutely,
The Goddess of Destiny adds unexpected pages to the person's life history.
The person then lives a life of 'Nirvana' on earth,
While enduring pleasurable moments that are complete with mirth.

>> So my dear friend, listen to your heart and follow your dreams,
And let life's beautiful currents flow down as gentle streams.
For the language of the Heart leads to an 'Evolved / Involved' life -
An unforgettble life, touching millions', giving a purpose to your strife.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Power of Love

Dear all...I wrote this poem very recently on the American Independence Day with inspiration from my dear ones of course! It speaks about the Great Impact of True Love in an individual's life. Read on...

Ø Love is an indescribable beauty,
That can be viewed as a blissful story,
Of each human-being on this mother earth,
Evolving at the very core of every household hearth.

Ø Love brings about a change in us,
That throws light on new shades within us.
Paving the way for a whole new world around,
That we never noticed was present, so beautifully sound.

Ø Love can take the form of compassion,
That flows like a current of motherly passion.
Or it could be like a stormy wind,
Blowing you off your feet while you unite and bind.

Ø The basis for Love they say is Friendship,
That blossoms over the duration of a Courtship.
However True Love is that which has no form,
And arrives at a time that demands no norm.

Ø Love is nothing but the Universal Force Incarnate,
Love has strength and power that is immaculate.
Love in unbinding and yet an ever-attractive force,
Giving us a meaning to race through life as a horse.

Ø Love is a blessing for life from the Almighty at first sight,
For all those who go seeking for His graceful ever-illuminating light.
Love will always remain the reason, for millions, for a meaningful strife,
Resulting in the evolution of a blissful and holy life!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


All of us have numerous beautiful memories that we have cherished with our families and friends at home that we carry with us as treasured pearls through the sands of time.
My inspiration for this poem are all those wonderful memories that I share(d) with dear ones...
Njoy reading!

ð Sitting under an umbrella of warmth and mirth,
I am reminded of the household hearth,
Where we all spent / spend many a lovely time
Singing and laughing to all glory on cloud nine.

ð When music and joy of memories flow from within,
That’s when thunders and storms all seem so thin.
You could then board them and float,
Sailing like a triumphant sailor in a boat.

ð Life’s plane glides through deep valleys and mountain peaks,
Which test us hard or meek,
But with our memories’ strength and determination,
We can create history and reach our ultimate destination.

ð Memories are invaluable treasures,
The worth of whom no one can measure.
Memories enable us cover few unending miles of distance,
Setting a delightful smile at every little instance.

ð Sitting in the shadow of a sheltering tree,
I observe pearls of memories unravel like birds that are set free.
Knowing that my memories will blossom / are blossoming into fragrant flowers,
Enriching each time my enthusiasm and power.


I have been inspired to write this poem as I believe in the POWER OF DREAMS... I believe in dreaming big...for a person without dreams is like a person who set to sail the ocean without any hope to reach the desired destination.
Njoy reading it!

ð Dreams are fantasies,
Bringing you ecstasies
Of beautiful smiles and wonders,
Driving your senses to happily ponder.

ð Dreams strengthen your hopes
Envisioning your life through ropes,
That enable you to climb and discover,
New unthread, unblemished peaks of snow-cover.

ð Dreams empower you to feel peppy,
When you lose yourself and feel sulky.
Dreams lead you to the path of progressing fast,
When you think good times cease to last.

ð Dreams, however, could be dangerous,
If your hollow castles on them seem numerous.
As they may result to be faulty obsessions,
Of which you try to gain unlikely possession.

ð Real Dreams are dreamt by determined achievers
Who dare to make a choice resulting in frenzied fervors
Who walk patiently through fire and dirt,
Yet managing to have a sense of great mirth.

ð So dreamer, dream all you can,
And prove to be a worthy man.
For without dreams there can be no beginning
For possibilities of a prosperous, successful living.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Music - an eternal love, a deep passion

Here is another poem that I wrote and wish to share - that is close to my heart. It has definitely been inspired by my passion for Music and it's soothing nature of providing companionship to the music-lover. Read on...

ð Music is the rhythm of nature,
Which delivers it’s best to you the more you nurture
It’s twist, smooth turns and pleasurable curls,
Letting you forget all your problems and whirls.

ð Music gives you an eternal levity
The description of which in brevity
Is sweet honey to your ears
Bringing into your eyes joyous tears.

ð Music is a mother to the music-lover
Quenching his/her thirst for music moreover
Spreading across merriness and bliss to one and all
Healing the sick while sharing joy with all.

ð Music heals you like a magic potion
Bringing out your best emotions
Ultimately soothing your senses,
Thus leaving no sign of any issue tense.

ð Music is God’s holy gift to the human race
Enabling us to survive this hasty earthly pace
Music is an inseparable friend of the music lover
Who rests under realms of peaceful bliss cover.

Friends - My idea of them

Here is a poem that I wish to post - dedicated to my Friends for Life....

ð Friends are precious
Friends are mischievous
Friends are invaluable
Yet not saleable.

ð Friends are full of mirth and fun
Friends bring out in you the sun
Friends are talkative and generally share
Mutual joys and sorrows and dare to care.

ð Friends are trustworthy
They can get unruly though enable you to live merrily
They can judge your heart and mind
During ups and downs, when you wish to unwind.

ð With friends you can travel through unthread paths and places
Discovering more of your friends’ welcoming phases
True friends do not prove to be costly
And they are worried about your joys mostly.

ð Friends put you at ease
In a situation of great unease
Friends bring out the best in ourselves
As they see in us a reflection of themselves.

ð Friends are gifts of God
Who aid us to face the evens and odds
And only really loving human – beings
Deserve and receive this rare gift of a healthy living – being.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Greatest Creator

Music is in the air and Poetry flows freely from my heart as I connect with the Divine to understand the beautiful universe that He has created! Not a day passes by, without pondering about the mindboggling greatness of this highly innovative Creator of the Universe!

In this first blog of mine, I only wish to thank the force behind convergence of all universal energies, for all that has fallen into my kitty, as I drive through my life's journey.