Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thoughts - foundation of destiny unleashed

Hi all,

Inspired by the power that Thoughts have, on each of our lives, I have written this poem. Read on.... and beware of what and how you think, my friends!

Ø As the human mind is free to wander,
It generates numerous thoughts to ponder,
Simple or complex as they are in nature,
Thoughts have tremendous power to impact our lives, as they mature.

Ø Thoughts are impressions captured,
From heartfelt energies or vibes nurtured,
Arising from the environment or deep within,
Having the power to create or destroy sin.

Ø A chain of thoughts encourage a specific action -
Based on the thought category, positive or negative, generate reactions,
That create a new set of 'Karma' for life,
And set a new pace and intensity in our daily strife.

Ø The mightier the thoughts,
The higher the goals sought.
Thoughts that are evil in their intent,
Will result in its thinker, obtaining a definite destructive (loss) dent.

Ø So be very careful of what you think my friend,
For life is short, with its sweet trends.
The man who won against all odds and lived life well,
Has been the one who always generated positive / progressive thoughts, affirmatively one can tell.