Monday, November 17, 2008


Hi all,
This poem may seem a little on the 'heavy' in terms of the weight of it's meaning... guess it's poem about the 'Wise' and hence it's heavy, eh ;). Read on...

Ø Wisdom is one of life's most crucial success elements,
That helps in communicating the right sentiments,
Creating an environment of sheer pleasure,
As we graduate through different phases of life at leisure.

Ø Wisdom is symbolized by the radiance of high intellect subtly.
A wise person would epitomize an indescribable level of humility.
As the wise know that it is a ‘special gift’ to be a common man,
Enjoying life’s little pleasures as much as they can.

Ø Wisdom lies within a mature mind,
That understands the complexities of the daily grind.
Yet there is absolute clarity and the Wise can see beyond the obvious,
And delve into realities of the Universe buried even in one’s subconscious (mind).

Ø Wisdom in a person depicts the purity of mind and heart–
A mind that is clear of fallacies and speaking the language of the heart.
Wise people have a great sense of virtues,
As they are constantly directed by righteous principles to be true.

Ø Wisdom cannot be bought through wealth or power,
Though it can be earned from people who display and shower:
Bliss and knowledge on people across different frontiers,
Rising above all differences of race, color, creed barred by no barriers.

Ø Wisdom arises from human nature which is free from sin,
Having overcome greed, jealousy, lust and anger that could cause a din.
Wise people empathize deeply from within,
Keeping their patience high through times that are thick and thin.

Ø Wisdom is a gift to the spiritually uplifted beings,
That helps them tide through the ocean of mortal living beings.
Wisdom helps maintain a balanced state of mind,
Greatly inspiring the ‘Buddha’ within to unwind.

Ø Wisdom, is thus, a precious gift of an enlightened soul.
Who seeks solace in the Higher Self / soul.
My friends – the companionship of wise people is the secret to a great life,
So partner with the Wise and virtuous and find a route to leading an enlightened life!