Sunday, May 17, 2015

The arrival of our Sweet Angel

Dear all, 

This poem is inspired by the beauty that our daughter brought into our lives. Children are truly God's gifts to us. Read on...

  • It was a sacred night when the stars shone and you came into our life as a light,
         A blissful angel with her little fingers curled up and sleeping tight,
         Feeling your gentle caress and tiny little fingers holding me so tenderly,
         Announce the onset of a beautiful motherly experience, to unfold steadily.

  • Every time you called me "Amma" / "Mummy" with your sweet chirpy voice, 
          It was like walking through soft breeze blowing across vast green fields of rice,
          Experiencing the beauty of motherhood like walking through a fragrant rose garden,
          Seeing a beautiful Rainbow across the hills, while my sleep bereft moist eyes harden.

  • Each time I look at your face, its like viewing a blossoming flower, 
          Falling short of words to describe the wonder and sheer innocence in your eyes spill over.
          The cooing sounds that you churn out of your being,
          Seem like honey pouring in, relaxing my entire living being.

  • As days turn to months and months turn to years,
         The process of growing in love and warmth continues, moving us to tears.
         The charm of your radiance, bliss and curiosity, that you brought into our lives,
         Transformed our souls , inspiring us to create a similar difference in other people's lives.

  • I pray to the Almighty that He may bless us to nurture you, 
         To help you grow and realize a life of abundance and the great potential in you.
         Through a life filled with immense love, warmth, beauty and radiance showered by us,
         Such that you may be able to re-tribute the same to the world around, gratifying us.

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