Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Crossroads

Hi all,

Many a time in life, we come across situations where we are standing at a juncture, a middle-path from where we need to chart out the way ahead. This poem talks about that situation. Read on....

Ø While one stands on Crossroads, having driven down life’s lanes,
There are certain times when one seeks a direction to a by-lane,
That has been seldom treaded by many others -
A path that kindles the fire within, inspiring plenty of others.

Ø The inhibitions and doubts that run in one’s head are a million,
To analyze the possibilities of a decision taken of options zillion.
Each time there is a fear that lurks in one’s heart,
While one decides to walk bravely, while being smart.

Ø There are many acid tests that one has to face,
And victory over each one of them is essential during the race.
For the power of the individual’s inner-gut is tested thoroughly,
As the person crosses each barrier successfully.

Ø For the one who stands on the Crossroads of life,
Passion is a key driver to achieving that balance in life.
To move out of a situation of unrest and delusion,
Into a serene place where the mind can rest, free of confusion.

Ø So my dear friend, when you face a situation – where you stand on Crossroads,
Reflect within and find solutions to resolve a situation overload.
Chase your passion with all your vigour and might,
Move on ahead of the Crossroads and get your path in life absolutely right!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look Up my friend!

Hi all,

This is a little poem giving direction to reader to look up and see one's world above problems that sometimes cloud our eyes, restricting our view to see a whole world of opportunities beyond. This poem encourages the reader to dream despite a tough situation at hand. Read on....

Ø When you have a problem at hand,
Pull up yourself, Look up and stand,
For there is a definite way out there,
Waiting for you to get there.

Ø When days are dull and one sees no signs of prosperity,
When friends’ desert and allies enjoy your deficiency,
When the moon stops smiling and hides behind a farce,
It's time to look up and watch for hopeful stars, though scarce.

Ø It's difficult to dream with a sullen heart and mind,
So one better be strong, refresh yourself and unwind.
To accept life as it opens another page under another chapter,
Waiting for the individual to live lightly in empathy and laughter.

Ø Life has always brought deserving rewards only for those,
Who give their best to the world and chose,
To live in harmony despite the winds of change,
Blowing hard at them, ensuring that they were stable during various phases of change.

Ø Finally, it is up to us to learn that there are two options,
To look up and hope for the better or to drop down dead weighed by fleeting emotions -
For it is for us to realize, my friend, that the hero within us arises,
Only when we figure a way out to look up and enjoy our lives awaiting each day's sunrise.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Learning Process

Hi all,

This poem speaks about the constant Learning Process in our lives. It is this Learning quotient that adds different shades to Life. With the learning perspective, one can enjoy one's journey on earth and the concept of pain and pleasure fades as only pleasure persists in learning. Read on....

Ø As our eyes open to each day’s experiences,
Our minds need to open up to the learning behind all instances,
As we condition our mindsets towards a learning perspective,
While commencing to view situations in a manner that is objective.

Ø There are essentially two ways to learn our daily lessons –
The easy way is when at the end of each session,
There is a positive yearning; while the hard way,
Leaves the individual experiencing sad / sour emotions all the way.

Ø The aftermath of both lessons linger in the mind eventually,
However, it is for the tough lessons learnt that matter the most in actuality,
For, when a lesson is imbibed by paying a price of deep hurt, caused,
The student of life is forced to step back, repent, correct and pause.

Ø The final lesson for us is that of enduring maturity,
In understanding that Life itself is a game, testing our integrity.
Thus, we must differentiate ourselves from immature individuals, who lose their nerve,
While the wise individuals rise higher up in Life’s learning curve.


Hi all,

I believe life can be compared to one big Bungy-Jumping exercise... with the initial fear hitting hard on your body, you have to be ready to let go and enjoy the entire experience to succeed and spread around the brilliance of the radiance within you! Read on....

Ø ‘Courage’ is that unfettered and undoubting emotion,
That rises from the depth of one’s being with a rising motion,
That brings to light the greatest trait in an individual –
That of selflessness and bravery existing in a state, that is dual.

Ø ‘Courage’, displayed in appropriate behaviours outwardly,
Actually is a depiction of clarity on values, inwardly,
Such that even in the face of the uneventful storms,
The courageous man will find his feet to seek solutions under all norms.

Ø ‘Courage’ represents the establishment of a calm mind,
Amidst a pandemonium that may gradually unwind.
The reason why the mind attains composure,
Is because, man relies on his inner strength to straighten things out for sure.

Ø ‘Courage’ displayed during certain instances, may prove to be fatal,
As man has to pay the price for proving his inner metal.
Each country, thus, has its own set of National Heroes, who withstand sorrow,
Sacrificing their lives, in order to achieve a higher goal for tomorrow.

Ø ‘Courage’ can be developed by strengthening the mind and heart,
To accept realities and build on possible solutions, right from the start.
The acceptance builds a hope for the emergence of a better future,
That people with no courage, often, fail to nurture.

Ø Thus, the moral of this poem, my dear friend,
Is to cultivate a soul that spreads a courageous fever, that mends,
The darkness that envelopes us and makes way for light,
Lighting hopeful lamps in peoples’ hearts, whilst setting things alright.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ideal Life on Earth

Hi all,

It is my understanding that the people who made the greatest impact on the human civilization during their times, were the ones who believed in living simple yet had a profound vision to uplift the lives of their brethren in a manner that would live on for generations together. They lived simple lives, forever rejoicing each moment, in the universal omnipresent energy, delivering their very best despite the odds against them. Read on....

Ø A morning witnessed the cry of a new-born,
In a world so widely torn,
Between two separate states of joy and misery,
Whilst he figured his road to creating his destiny.

Ø Neither in darkness nor in light is there an ideal roadmap,
For this little child stumbling facing tiny mishaps,
As the process of constant learning takes over,
He paves the way for those following his trail repeatedly over.

Ø The trail is bound to be filled with challenges and odds,
However as the Angel of wisdom smiles at the child and nods,
To tell him that those thorns on the pathway lead to flowers,
Whose fragrance the child would experience and discover....

Ø As the child grows into a young man, a husband and a father,
He realizes that there is no "Ideal" state of life on this planet, to matter,
For the "Ideal" state of life is reached when man lives in each moment,
Living and rejoicing in the eternal energy forever omnipresent.

Ø It is when the child within the man, realizes this greatest wisdom,
That the soul becomes absolutely enlightened, living in the kingdom,
Of the Beauty and the Beast existing simultaneously,
Each enhancing the light within the soul concurrently.

Ø So, wake up - little children of this magnificent Universe,
To learn about messages behind numerous experiences, very diverse,
Packaged for you in the journey of a lifetime,
Making the drive on each path, worthwhile, each time.

Family - the heavenly cushion in Life!

Hi all,

This one is really close to my heart as it conveys the reality that a strong and happy family is what sees one through the different phases of life. It is an ode to my family - an ode to all the beautiful experiences that I have cherished as being a part of an absolutely wonderful family! Read on.....

Ø ‘Family’ is a great institution of warmth and love,
That always lights, in our hearts, a candle of courage that moves
Us to reach within ourselves, to emerge as our very best,
Inspiring us to achieve newer heights of success, living with great zest.

Ø ‘Family’ is the heavenly cushion in our life,
When we go through rough times during many a mundane strife.
‘Family’ gives us the direction to move ahead on our life’s mission,
Adding value to our existence, turning out to be a highly treasured possession.

Ø ‘Family’ is an individual’s greatest might,
When strong ropes of fear and doubt strangle one tight.
That’s when one uncovers the critical reality,
That irrespective of light or darkness, one’s family is what matters in entirety.

Ø ‘Family’ is that divine blessing, that bestows upon us numerous opportunities,
To discover several keys to a whole new world of dynamic possibilities.
So go out there and build your own little nest, my dear friend,
For these genuine bonds will enliven you, till the very end.

Friday, January 9, 2009

When the going gets tough...

=> When the going gets tough,
And the road ahead seems rough,
Open your eyes to a whole new world above,
That helps discover from inside the peace-giving dove.

=> One needs to learn to overcome fears that arise within,
Arousing the peace and calm deep within.
Thats when one can enjoy the little joys of life,
Spreading laughter and mirth even during a difficult strife.

=> Joy always exists in this beautiful world - inside out,
As long as one believes in the strength of the person within - throughout.
The people who are ready to become 'nobodies', grow the most,
As each day becomes more ordinary yet special, as they live life to the utmost.

=> So when the going get tough, take a hint to understand
That it's God's way of saying that one needs to GIVE more - His way to reprimand -
One's whole-being that is doubting and fretting, wasting time,
Worrying mindlessly over matters that need neither attention nor time.

=> The one who never stops trying and works hard ceaselessly,
Must always have faith in the goodness of this existence endlessly.
Give all that one can, understanding that there is beauty in each moment,
Spreading smiles along each instance, negating any presence of lament.