Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Crossroads

Hi all,

Many a time in life, we come across situations where we are standing at a juncture, a middle-path from where we need to chart out the way ahead. This poem talks about that situation. Read on....

Ø While one stands on Crossroads, having driven down life’s lanes,
There are certain times when one seeks a direction to a by-lane,
That has been seldom treaded by many others -
A path that kindles the fire within, inspiring plenty of others.

Ø The inhibitions and doubts that run in one’s head are a million,
To analyze the possibilities of a decision taken of options zillion.
Each time there is a fear that lurks in one’s heart,
While one decides to walk bravely, while being smart.

Ø There are many acid tests that one has to face,
And victory over each one of them is essential during the race.
For the power of the individual’s inner-gut is tested thoroughly,
As the person crosses each barrier successfully.

Ø For the one who stands on the Crossroads of life,
Passion is a key driver to achieving that balance in life.
To move out of a situation of unrest and delusion,
Into a serene place where the mind can rest, free of confusion.

Ø So my dear friend, when you face a situation – where you stand on Crossroads,
Reflect within and find solutions to resolve a situation overload.
Chase your passion with all your vigour and might,
Move on ahead of the Crossroads and get your path in life absolutely right!