Friday, April 27, 2012

A Child's Innocence

Hi all,

This poem is inspired by the Innocence of my nephew, at his very best in April 2012. Read on ...

·         =>A child smiles and in the environment flowers bloom
The gentle breeze brushes away a day’s gloom.
As another beautiful day unfolds,
It’s an opportunity to create memories multi-fold.

·         => As the child caresses its mother, whispering sweet nothings,
Celebrating the joy of each moment’s existence in everything,
The child embraces the beauty of life as heaven’s very best,
Dancing to nature’s rhythm in absolute zest.

·         =>It’s a whole new world of abundant  tender innocence,
That has emerged through the child’s mischievous  pretence,
God’s  angel touches the core of the inner being,
Bringing out the child hidden inside each human being.

·         =>All of the universe is a festival of the celestial bliss,
Overflowing  with the love of a child’s heavenly kiss.
These children are stars, who spread God’s radiance that surround,
Existence with innocence and beauty all around.