Friday, January 9, 2009

When the going gets tough...

=> When the going gets tough,
And the road ahead seems rough,
Open your eyes to a whole new world above,
That helps discover from inside the peace-giving dove.

=> One needs to learn to overcome fears that arise within,
Arousing the peace and calm deep within.
Thats when one can enjoy the little joys of life,
Spreading laughter and mirth even during a difficult strife.

=> Joy always exists in this beautiful world - inside out,
As long as one believes in the strength of the person within - throughout.
The people who are ready to become 'nobodies', grow the most,
As each day becomes more ordinary yet special, as they live life to the utmost.

=> So when the going get tough, take a hint to understand
That it's God's way of saying that one needs to GIVE more - His way to reprimand -
One's whole-being that is doubting and fretting, wasting time,
Worrying mindlessly over matters that need neither attention nor time.

=> The one who never stops trying and works hard ceaselessly,
Must always have faith in the goodness of this existence endlessly.
Give all that one can, understanding that there is beauty in each moment,
Spreading smiles along each instance, negating any presence of lament.