Monday, August 13, 2012

Trail of unending Aspirations

Hi all,

This poem is the reflection of the unending trail of aspirations, which my soul yearns to fulfill.  It also reflects the challenges that the human soul experiences as a means of trying to fulfill these aspirations.
Read on...

  • Rise the dawn of a new day and yet there is a sense of restless wanting,
         To fulfill the dreams that emerge from deep desires, creating a sense of haunting,
         As they bring with them the same distaste of years of craving,
         That disolutions the mind, eroding it, of the mind's healthy (thought) savings.

  • The restless mind yearns to reach for the stars,
          Knowing that the ship has barely commenced its journey to sail to the shores afar.
          The level of patience evaporates, creating many thoughtless sins,
          But it is the courage of the soul within that must surpass the frustrations within.

  •  I ask myself when will it be time for my trail of aspirations to be fulfilled ?
           The echo of my question, hits me right back, muffled.
           While I gaze listlessly at the tall wall ahead, 
           I realize that only through sheer planned hard work and prayers, will situations move ahead.

  • It is for me  to believe in my ability to suceed beyond imagination,
          The greater the level of energized perseverance, the lower will be the level of saturation.
          The greater the composure to accept gradual progress,
          The lesser the chances that the mind crashes into a state of high stress.

  • So free your mind, my dear friend,  from the clenches of regenerating aspirations,
          Free yourself from experiencing baseless desperations,
          For it is only the wise, patient man who will pursue goals relentlessly,
          Never accepting defeat, with a determined life outlook, progressing graciously.