Monday, February 18, 2013

The impending Harvest

This poem has been written by myself when I was on the verge of moving into another phase of my life – motherhood. This poem is the reflection of the emotions and feelings, experienced as I embrace motherhood. Read on...

  • As the sun’s resplendent rays spread their brilliant light over the countryside, 
My being looks yearningly to trespass the new pasture over to the other side.
The wait to reap the fruits of the harvest seems unendingly long,
While I prepare to build my energies to spend sleepless nights humming sweet songs.

  • Nature has a time for each occurrence - 
Be it the process of reaping or post harvesting threshing of the grain in recurrence.
The secret to a good harvest is a concentrated effort to reap a successful one,
With an undivided focus to achieve the highest quality in each one.

  • Destiny has its own plan laid out as the mother wishes to mould her little child, 
To face a path, equally laid out with flowers and thorns so wild.
Despite the mother being sceptical about her child’s journey across life,
She prepares to build in her child, courage and strength of character, to face all the rigorous strife.

  • The critical part of the Harvest season wait for the mother,
Is the test of her patience to tide over the lake of time to another,
Place of divine grace that showers in the beauties of motherhood,
Filling into her life, moments of bliss and pain - the two sides of parenthood.

  • Thus as the best is saved for the last, my friend, 
The mother-to-be must gradually traverse through the tunnel of time and spend,
Her time exploring the grace of each moment to its potential best,
Living by example for her child, exuberating life’s omnipresent zest.