Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Hero within

Dear all,

This poem is inspired by the inner strength that I experience as I face new challenges to deal with. Each one of us has a "Hero" within us, its when we realize this , that we tend to have no fear to face difficult situations. Read on...

  • The clock ticks by and the trees sway away with time,
         The winds of change suddenly blow hard, challenging our inner glow shine.
         As the sense of survival against odds surfaces high, 
         The soul promises to grow stronger with a sigh.

  • There are a million questions that rise to test the mind, 
        That weave hypothetical situations that may arise about the daily grind.
        The fear of losing the battle of survival seems to surge, 
        Diluting the very purpose of life's essence, to successfully emerge.

  • That's when the soul befriends the "HERO" lying dormant within , 
        Which helps us understand and assess the depth of our true strength lying in, 
        The "HERO" is our visionary to foresee the light of the day,
        And to experience the brilliance of sunshine on the other side of the bay.

  •  The "HERO" unites with the self,
        And releases every doubtful belief off the shelf.
        The "HERO's" power transforms the soul to unreal heights,
        Over-ruling any forthcoming danger and setting things right.

  • Its not surprising to see brave heart warriors win Life's game,
        As their unstinting spirits set afire the pace and tame,
        The wild mind horses that run in different directions,
        That often freeze the process of the soul's resurrection.

  • So my dear friend, unite with the "HERO" sitting deep within,
        Composed of virtues - courage, kindness, empathy, compassion, free of sin,
        For that's the crucial weapon to empower yourself and fight,
        Through the difficult times, growing each time with a greater sense of might.

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